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Our Journey

We are entrepreneurs and property owners.  We value building improvements and long-term tenant relationships and regularly explore opportunities to enhance our properties and the tenant experience. We are also cost conscious and searched for amenities for our properties that fit these criteria. EV sales and tenant demand accelerated our interest in EV charging as a potential amenity to invest in. The decision to add charging stations to our multi-family properties and office spaces was easy. The process to install the chargers, however, was not! Unfortunately, the entire process was frustrating, costly, overwhelming, confusing, and took far more time to realize the benefits than we had expected.   As we navigated this challenging experience, we were inspired to make it simple and easy to enhance any property and make EV charging a win-win solution for both landlords and tenants.

Our hard work, due diligence and expertise, inspired the founding of EVIUM Charging- a turn-key solution to remove the risk, expense, time, and confusion for property owners who are eager to increase their property values, create additional building revenue streams, and provide a trendy amenity for their tenants.

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Redefining the Way 
We Charge

Evium’s mission is to install charging stations throughout the nation in residential and commercial buildings and parking lots to provide all Americans with charging options wherever they go. Evium’s simple process provides an incentive for landlords to create a new revenue stream, increase their property values, and provide tenants an amenity they treasure.



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